Health and Environmentally-friendly

Health and environmental concerns are increasingly important issues of today. Modern trends not only tend to reduce energy consumption and to decrease environment strain, but also require the use of appropriate and environmentally-friendly materials and technologies which take into consideration more rational and environmentally harmless and expedient solutions.

The label “environmentally-friendly material” is used for all products that guarantee the lowest environment and health risks through the whole cycle from production till elimination. Mineral wool fully complies with such standards.

The basic raw materials in the production of mineral wool are diabaz and amphibolite stones. Mineral wool is therefore a natural material that has no proven adverse effects on human health. The installation of mineral wool products enables healthy and comfortable living; its features include improving microclimate and ensuring excellent thermal, sound and fire protection. Nowadays many allergens cause allergic respiratory reactions, as well as skin and eye irritations; tests have shown that mineral wool has no harmful influence on people when directly or indirectly in contact with insulation.

The use of mineral wool as insulating material helps to protect the limited resources of energy and reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions, since the use of mineral wool can save far more energy than that used in its production. Protecting the environment is also reflected in a closed ecological cycle – mineral wool can be recycled and reused in the production process.
Health and Environmentally-friendly