EZS d.o.o.

The company EZS d.o.o. has a 40-year tradition of producing mineral wool insulation ropes used mostly as fire and thermal protection of pipelines, expansion joints, stokeholds, new buildings, reconstruction, chimney coils ... and also in shipbuilding.
The need to substitute harmful materials (such as asbestos) with harmless materials (such as mineral wool) has caused the further development and expansion of our product range. The company has thus complemented its product range by producing seals used in foundries and dilatation elements, used in the construction business.

In response to global market needs for new and innovative insulation products and the demand for higher efficiency in production, we are constantly improving our technical and logistic processes.

All of our products meet demanding standards for quality, as well as the strictest standards for health and the environment. All of the materials used in our products are health- and environmentally-friendly.

Our network of company partners goes not only beyond the borders of our country but also crosses European borders. Our products are also used in demanding markets, such as Asia.


The vision of our company is to follow the new guidelines in the field of insulation and develop innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs. Our wish is to stay the most trustful partner to all of our existing and potential customers.
EZS d.o.o.